The ‘Happily Everafter’ Lie

They have been lying to you – yes, there is no such happy ending or not even a happy beginning.

It is just pain, just suffering.

But success is just that – the ability to bear the pain, the torture and the disappointment.

You need to bear it or you just got to stay with it.

If you can – then congrats!

You have succeeded!


2 thoughts on “The ‘Happily Everafter’ Lie

  1. Good to see your small posts Sathya! Struggle is part of the life and it is a teacher ~ it makes us introspect and change our ways.. I still believe in happy beginning-ending though.. Life is anyway a continuous flow and it is tough to trace the beginning or the end..

    1. Thank you Jeyaprakash for your comments.
      Yes. I agree – life is indeed a great teacher and help us become a better self.
      I said in another place – life is an on-the-job training
      And life being a continuous flow, I hope to learn more!
      Will be waiting for more of your reviews and comments!

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