When in doubt: Move on! Persist

It is okay you let Resistance take hold of you today.

But fight back, fight hard.

Don’t give in, don’t slag. It has a cycle.

You start great with all your might and enthusiasm of the heart in the initial phase. Slowly it fades. And resistance creeps it and will hit you when you are the weakest and will hit you hard.

You need to pull yourself up back again. Don’t let it get you.

Just move on! Persist!


8 thoughts on “When in doubt: Move on! Persist

  1. Dear Satya,
    I have read your “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL” pieces of inspiring write-ups. Its very good indeed. Keep writing.
    Also – “Make this world a better place for you and for me and for the entire human race” “Make this world a better place for all” – is also my vision. Only because of these words, I ever started to listen the song by Michael Jackson in Dangerous album.

    1. Dear Amina ma’am,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Yes there is no other vision I could think of and believe in except – ‘Making this world a better place’.
      And this blog is an expression of manifesting my vision into reality.
      Glad that I am able to partake in your journey as a fellow traveller.
      All the very best.

  2. Really true, I too in short life experience moved Persist! When there was hurdle and conflicts between study and family problems. Your short insights and thoughts are boosting me to think on our actions. Thanks for good writings and you can give us few example or illustrations in your writings.

    1. Dear Nagaraj,
      Thanks for your comments.
      Yes it those conflicts and struggles that mold us into what we are.
      I am really glad the short insights and thoughts that I share are helping you take the next action.
      Sure I will try to include few examples and illustrations wherever possible.

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