A Comment at 2:37 am and 629 Reasons Why I Write?

Today morning, I received an email on an update from my blog. A comment from one of my readers – a friend. Posted at 2:37 am, last night.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said. It must have bothered her. The pain. But something had lead her to read my post. She had learned to love the pain – love the misery.

It is indeed a wonderful feeling to touch the very soul of another person so deeply. I feel blessed to be given that opportunity.

I believe that these are signs of hopes that I am waiting to unlock… the threads of miracles that I hope to unveil.

Time will be the only witness.

In the meanwhile, I write.

I write to my 629 amazing followers – my 629 reasons to write. And will continue to write – in her words to ‘motivate a million’.

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3 thoughts on “A Comment at 2:37 am and 629 Reasons Why I Write?

  1. You are a GOOD WRITER indeed and now your words are not only information but also SOURCE of INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION. I agree trails and tribulations are the pressure which turn coal to diamond and furnace to purify gold and make it more valuable. When we overcome, the aftermath is JOY. I learnt loving PAIN. Thanks Sathya. Keep writing. Motivate a Million.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      I am glad to hear that you found my writing as a source of inspiration and motivation.
      It is very true as you said – once we are able to bear through the pain phase of our life – we will be able to truly enjoy the moments that follow.
      Sure. Will keep writing – thanks to encouragement from my readers like you!

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