Manual for Life – How I Learnt to Switch on Swing in my AC?

I recently struggled to get the ‘swing’ feature on my air conditioner remote to work. My struggle piqued my wife’s curiosity and she suggested that I refer to the manual.

As always, she made sense and I took her suggestion.

As I was going through the manual, I realised that these days we have manuals for the simplest things but we do not have instructions to make our lives enriching and simpler.

When human life takes form, it does not come with a soundly written manual of ‘do(s) and don’t(s)’ but there is quite a bit of literature written on the subject.

While Dr.Stephen R.Covey calls such instructional writing as Wisdom Literature’, Will Durant recommends 100 best books for Education. Western intellectual minds have been collating a collection of Great Books to further promote living strategies. In fact, this series is used as instructional text in several elite schools/ colleges around the world.

Some of the works that stand out are Dale Davidson’s Ancient Wisdom Project, which are experiments on  practicing life lessons. On the other hand, while,author Ryan Holiday admits that ancient practical philosophy inspire him, blogger Michael Bulchan recommends a reading list for wisdom and growth.

Locally, Tamil author, Suki Sivam provides us with an analysis of the essence of ancient wisdom for modern living through his books and audiobooks (in Tamil).

Now, returning to my initial quest of making my air conditioner ‘swing’, I ended up learning more than I first intended to about air conditioners through our modern research tool, Google. Who is to say that we won’t learn more than we intend to by inspiring each other?

If you have any reading lists or recommendations, please leave a comment for the benefit of everyone. Thank you kindly!


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