Guest Post: Immideacy of Change

My Note: This is a guest post from Nadine Clark of My MicroNarrative.

Student of fine arts from Pretoria, South Africa, fellow blogger Nadine Clark is no stranger to change. She literally came out of hell (she admits) and made the leap.  Besides writing, her other interests include music, food, keeping aquarium and stalking people who own horses. I am really glad to have her guest post in my blog


Art by Nadine Clark

It’s strange how a few simple, key changes can alter your perception of the world. Actually, it isn’t that strange – let me explain.

Humans are creatures of habit, we seem to cling to destructive habits for fear of change. Those habits result in an increasing erosion of self as you and the habit become more entwined. After some time you can no longer distinguish who you are from a bad habit. The bad habit is you. Now you’ve reached a point where you alter the way you live, they way you relate to people and (most importantly) the way you relate to yourself just to support the habit. You think that you still consider yourself a priority, but remember – you consider the habit to be an integral part of yourself. In essence you continue to live your life firmly believing that you are incapable of certain things, all because of a learned behaviour.

Is your head reeling yet? Think about those days where you actively procrastinate while simultaneously being stressed out about having time to do things. The doing the work becomes less important than not doing the work. Somewhere along the line, you’ve learnt that being comfortable is more rewarding than getting things done. This is a dangerous place to be and often leads to a very destructive cycle – you’re stressed out about not having enough time, but cannot bring yourself to start working. The longer you procrastinate the greater the anxiety until, eventually, you crack and do the work in as little time as possible all while wishing that you had started sooner. This is not a one time thing, it repeats itself daily.

The habit needs to change. You need to regain control over your life. Give priority to you not the habit. The change won’t be instant. It takes time to learn a habit, just like it takes time to break one. One of the fastest ways of breaking an old habit is to decide to become a version of yourself that doesn’t have that habit. If you truly believe that that version of yourself is no one other that you – it becomes easier to stop repeating old mistakes.

You are someone who gets things done diligently and punctually. You are someone who takes some time for yourself without neglecting your responsibilities. And once you change the way you view yourself – you change the way you view the world. Suddenly you can do anything, you see that people have the same struggles you had which makes relating to them easier. You try new things and enjoy the results without allowing that old habit to stop you out of fear of failure. You laugh whenever that old habit rears it’s head – you’re stronger than it, you’re stronger than it could ever hope to be.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Immideacy of Change

  1. I love how you added the gem of my stalking horse owners – doesn’t make me come across as odd at all… 🙂

    Thank you for the nudge of encouragement – it was literally what I needed at this point in my life

    1. Thank you Nadine! For sharing your powerful experience to all of us.
      Glad to know that you got the nudge!
      And yes, you are not all odd! It is simply perfect

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