Jyotika, A New French Law and My 3-Year Old Niece

What does a French Law, a crazy taxi-driver in Kolkatta and a new flick starring Jyotika have in common?

Recently we made a trip to Mamallapuram and when we were returning in the evening, I apparently felt the change in the weather right when we were crossing Sholinganallur (signalling the entry of urban area). The transformation of the weather was so evident that my uncle and aunt who were visiting Chennai from Coimbatore for the summer holidays said it out loudly.

I was taken aback when my aunt told me that their 3-year old little daughter said, ‘Verkkuthu!’ (which means sweaty) for the first time to her. She wasn’t exactly proud of it, neither was I happy about it.

Recently France has passed a law making ‘Green roofs’ mandatory compliance as part of any new building construction. And a week back I read about the news on a taxi with rooftop garden. And didn’t Jyothika, in the movie, ’36 Vayathinilae’, discovered herself by rooftop gardening.

Now do you see the connection. There is something blooming here!

Previously I wrote about living a simpler life. I am guessing, roof top gardening and other alternative practices is something that we must explore seriously on.

While back I collated an potential features of a green house using mind mapping. Though it sounds like a dream, the technology is already available with us to make it a reality.

1. Green Energy: First and the most know concept of a Green House is sourcing energy from renewable sources of energy like Solar & Wind Energy. Reducing the cost of power grid by aiming for decentralized energy production and using energy efficient instruments like CFL light bulbs can also be included in this.

2. Green Food: Being conscious of buying locally grown food (to avoid loss due to food mileage), better still growing one’s own food are another set of features.

3. Green Cooking: Using solar water heaters, gobar/ bio-gas for cooking are better alternatives

4. Green Water: Harvesting rainwater, recycling water and using water use efficiency systems like double-geared flush and WUE taps are some examples

5. Green Sanitation: Reusing/ recycling dry wastes like paper, plastic, metal and composting wet wastes (domestic/ kitchen wastes) are ideal features. I have heard of Ecosan toilets also.

6. Green Design: Theoretically, there seems to be lot of discussion on Sustainable Architecture, Bio-designs. Hopefully, we will see more of it soon in reality.

I hope, we will be able to adopt, if not all, at least of few of these practices in our homes.

As for my niece, she had left to Coimbatore. The first thing she asked her mom the next morning is, ‘Can we go to mama’s home?’ I hope I will give her more than enough reasons to welcome her to Chennai.

If you have any ideas or practices that you already adopting at your home, kindly share it with me. I will be glad to hear of such practices.


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