What a Stanford Professor Does After Peeing: My Experiment (again) with Tiny Habits

B.J.Fogg is a Professor at Stanford University, USA and an experimental psychologist by education. He studies about behavior changes.

More importantly, he does 2 push-ups after he pees. ‘And I promptly wash my hands after that,’ he says.

What is Tiny Habits?

‘Doing 2 push-ups after he pees’ – is part of Dr.Fogg’s self-experiment on building ‘Tiny Habits’.  It has helped him lose 25 pounds. Fogg’s Tiny Habits program is one of the first useful techniques I learnt to build a habit. He runs this 1-week accountability program to help you learn the patterns of forming new habits.

How Does It Work?

It requires you to build the habit around an intuitive framework.

“After I ____, I will ________”

Rather than relying on our unpredictable will-power and motivation, Fogg’s method builds on a natural process of habit stacking. It basically has 3 components:

  1. Habit: Find the tiniest of the tiny steps of a habit you want to build. For example,
    • If you want to start an exercise habit, start by doing 2 push-ups.
    • If you want to start running, start by putting on your running shoes (not run!).
    • If you want to get the habit of reading, start the tiny habit of reading a sentence, etc.
  2. Anchor: This is the key to this method. Find a trigger/ cue – an already established action or a behavior that the new habit will follow. For example,
    • After I pee…
    • After the phone rings…
    • After my feet touch the ground in the morning…
    • After I put my key on the hook… etc.
  3. Celebration: Follow your tiny habit with a personal cheering that you do for yourself on accomplishing the tiny habit.
What I Am Going To Do After I Pee?

For quite sometime, I have been trying to master the art of habit formation. I struck goldmine when I explored and experimented with B.J.Fogg’s Tiny Habits program. I have enrolled myself in the June 01-05 program. (You can join here). Yes, I have made my own secret plans to do 2 squats after I pee. Not just that, but 2 more other things.

After I pee, I will do 2 squats. After I wake up, I will do 2 push-ups. After I go to my office, I will find my water bottle. 

Find Your 3 Tiny Habits

For more Tiny Habits inspiration – look here. I made my own long list of Tiny Habits (with ‘After I do ___, I will ____’ format). B.J.Fogg (or his coaches) personally reads and emails to all the Habiteers enrolled in the program. You too can enroll for the upcoming program from June 01-05. All the best for your experiment with Tiny Habits!


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