To Do things Don’t do This

perfectionist-620x496Lately I have been infected by this deadly disease (so to say), the disease of ‘over-planning’. It is accompanied by an acute sense of ‘perfectionism’, a very high ‘fear of failure’ and ‘fear of rejection’; not to mention the shiver of ‘judgement’.

It then dawned me that is has spread to become an epidemic. Almost everyday really smart people fall into this pit of over-planning, trying to control everything.

Do realize that smartness doesn’t help you get things done. Get out of perfectionism and the fear of judgement and failure. Excellence is something one should aim for but perfection – the world is already blessed with it, you don’t have to try to create one.

The best way is to show up and ‘do something‘ rather than just wait for motivation to happen.

W. Somerset Maugham said ‘I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.’

You better learn from it.



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